Rejuvenation and Aesthetics

Improving The Way You Feel Inside & Out

At Shakthi, we focus great medical attention on good health and healing for the inside of your body. We also offer skin and body rejuvenating products/procedures that are aimed at improving the way you feel on the outside.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Technique of using an individual?s blood plasma which contains a huge reservoir of bioactive proteins including growth factors which accelerate regeneration. It can be used for dermal rejuvenation and to regrow hair in certain types of hair loss. For more information see section on platelet rich plasma under services.


NLAL? is the safe and simple evolution of standard liposuction. Using the power of the latest cold LED Light Therapy, NLAL? is the natural and healthy way to lose inches specifically targeted on the abdomen, waist, back, hips, thighs, upper legs, arms, and even the chin. NLAL? is a method of body contouring improvement with essentially no side effects. The paddles are comfortably applied to the treatment area while the client undertakes a simple 20 minute exercise routine. As the light therapy triggers the fat cells to release the triglycerides and fatty acids, they are utilized during the exercise process and inch loss is the result. NLAL? is the only portable light therapy system that affords the client less time spent in treatment, as the therapy and exercise are done concurrently. Another major advantage is that people who are resistant to weight loss can now get over their plateau by losing their stubborn targeted fat. Ultimately, the entire process is noninvasive, relaxing, pain free, soothing and affordable.

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