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In The Kitchen with Shakthi

Good nutrition is the foundation for a healthy body and mind. Nutrition is how the body uses food for growth and maintenance. ?Chronic illness, type 2 diabetes, inflammation, heart disease and some cancers are directly influenced by nutritional habits. It all starts with food. The positive impact of eating a whole food diet high in nutrients can directly influence your quality of life. When you begin to look at making changes in your nutritional intake, whole foods are favored over processed, refined foods.

Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food – Hippocrates

At Shakthi, we work closely with you to help restore good nutrition and diet in your life. We won?t just give you a list of things to do and send you on your way. Through careful testing and study, we?ll identify the best nutrition plan for your individualized needs and desired outcome.

We teach our patients what good nutrition is and how it can affect their lives for the better. We have a nutritionist on staff to help teach our patients how to prepare food with maximum health benefits. We offer a variety of health, wellness and nutrition classes on-site for our patients convenience.

Our ?In the Kitchen with Shakthi? classes run monthly and cover a variety of nutrition and cooking tips to help our patients live their very best life.

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