Cardiovascular Disease

Comprehensive Consultations

At Shakthi Health & Wellness we offer personalized, comprehensive consultations focusing on preventative cardiology care and nutrient deficiencies to develop a plan to correct a body out of balance.

If you are experiencing stress, fatigue, weight gain, loss of sleep, lack of energy and focus, you may being putting unnecessary stress on your heart.

Chronic Stress

Acute and chronic stress conditions can lead to increased inflammation in the body that can lead to heart disease. Stress is a contributing factor to heart attack and arterial disease. It contributes to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems such as heart failure, sudden cardiac death and enlargement of the heart.

Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine is key to reducing your risk for cardiac disease of any kind.

If you are experiencing symptoms of acute and chronic stress, consider making an appointment to discuss your options and get on the right path for health and longevity.

Doctors Thinking Differently

Let us help you feel what?s it is like to be well.