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?My experience with Shakthi Health and Wellness Center began when I was a patient of the Shakthi pain and spine center. I had severe neck issues and underwent several procedures. It was then that I started going to the health and wellness center and Dr. Jyothi Rao for acupuncture and nutrition IVs. I am a post bypass patient and my vitamin levels were always low. Dr. Rao addressed my nutrition and was very thorough in her evaluation. She is very good about monitoring my vitamin and nutrient levels closely.?

Shakthi Health & Wellness

We are accepting new patients and we?re glad you?re here.

Your First Appointment: How We Care for You

  • Comprehensive Consult
  • Follow-Ups
  • What tests are given and why
  • Follow-Ups

We know you are coming to us with great concern. You are in pain, may have been bounced around a bit from doctor to doctor and you want to feel better. We are glad you?ve come to see us and we will help you. From the minute you walk in our door until you leave us, our goal is to make you feel as comfortable and cared for as possible. It is our promise to you.

Upon Arrival you can expect

To be greeted with warmth and compassion by one of our liaisons who will guide you through every facet of your visit. The liaison will personally escort you back and introduce you to our treatment specialist. If you are accompanied by family members, we will take care of them as well, offering snacks and beverages while they wait.

Amenities While You Wait

Our waiting room has been intentionally designed to create a sense of calm. Our space is open, comfortable and our audio system play music to calm and soothe. We are very focused on creating a stress-free experience while you visit with us.

Tests and Comprehensive Consult

You can expect your first visit with Dr. Rao and our team to be more comprehensive than anything you have ever experienced. Our practice is not a revolving door, we won?t just visit with you for 5 minutes, hand you a prescription and send you on your way. You can expect the initial visit to last approximately 2-3 hours. In that time, Dr. Rao will spend time with you, listen to your history, ask questions, hear your concerns. We put great emphasis on the listening and hearing part of the consult. It is vital in developing a strong doctor, patient relationship and is the only way we can help you get on the right path to healing. After your consult, we will begin your testing. Depending on your specific needs a number of tests will be administered. Testing is tailored to each individual. Some of the tests that may apply to you during your first visit are:

  • BIA Test
  • Biofeedback
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
  • DPA Test
  • HRV Test
  • IV Therapy
  • LET Therapy
  • PRP Therapy
  • RMR Testing

Dr. Rao will personally follow-up with you after your visit, address any questions or concerns you may have and work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan for healing.

Eleni explains a couple of tests you may experience during your first visit.

The BIA Test

The HRV Test

Doctors Thinking Differently

Let us help you feel what?s it is like to be well.